Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Texas A&M Post-Game Quotes

Texas A&M RB Cyrus Gray
Did you feel momentum slip away and what was the turning point?
“They made good plays and we turned over the ball. That’s how the game goes – you turn over the ball, you lose.”

What happened on the turnovers?
“That’s what we’ve seen. They made some good plays. We’ve just got to get better next time.”

Why was LSU better at stopping the run late?
“They fill gaps well. The offensive line and those linebackers, they are just really good at filling those gaps.”

What worked earlier in the game?
“We went more with the outside-zone reads and that was working and we kind of got away from that. LSU, they just played really well.”

Looking back on season…
“I think [this season] will set in over time. We have a lot of work left in the offseason. We really just wanted to get the seniors a win and we didn’t accomplish that today. Next season we’ll be better.”

Texas A&M WR Ryan Swope
What adjustments did LSU make in passing game?
“We came into the game with a lot of confidence and we jumped on them pretty early. I feel like they just had a good scheme and they have a lot of talented kids on their side of the ball. Those turnovers really kind of killed us and gave them the momentum going into halftime.”

Why were you able to throw on LSU CB Patrick Peterson with some success tonight?
“Jeff [Fuller] did a great job tonight against Patrick Peterson. It was just one of those deals that comes down to who wants it more and it was a battle.”

Looking back on season…
“Coach said we had a great season and it will be one to always remember. We’ll never forget that. We really wanted to come out here tonight and just do it for the seniors. Unfortunately we didn’t get to do that, but I look back on the season and feel like this is the most fun I’ve ever had here at Texas A&M. Hopefully we have more to come. We just have to come out here and keep fighting over into next year and keep up the confidence and we’ll be good to go.”

On emotions of the loss tonight…
“It’s definitely tough. The whole week has been great, and I’ve had a great time at the Cotton Bowl Classic. Coming here and not coming out with the win for the seniors is kind of rough.”

On momentum shift…
“In college football there are a lot of momentum changes. We came out 10-0 at the beginning and things changed real quick, which definitely killed our momentum.”

On pros and cons of going to the NFL…
“There are so many pros and cons that I can’t give you  all of them. Things like injuries come into play and also the possible NFL lockout next year. This is definitely one of the best receiving classes in decades, which of course comes into play. This is a decision that I am going to have to sit down with my family and really weigh the pros and cons. I will definitely have to talk with the coaches and come out with the right decision.”

On timeline to make the NFL decision…
“Since the deadline is January 15, I am definitely going to have to be quick. Now that the season is over I can really sit down and focus on that. I did not want this decision to be a distraction during the season, so I decided I would put all of this aside until the season was over with.”

On being the first 1,000 yard receiver at Texas A&M…
“It is always great to go down in the Aggie record books. My dad played here along with Jacob Green and several other guys. Putting my imprint into the Aggie record book definitely means a lot to me. There are still some things that we didn’t get done so we will probably go to the hotel tonight and really look back on the season.”

On giving up 41 points to LSU…
“Really it was nothing that LSU was doing. We had a very strong start but after the half we really couldn’t get things going. We were making small mental mistakes that could have easily been fixed but we unfortunately didn’t.”

On losing LB Michael Hodges…
“Michael is a great player all around and he has been helping our defense make great plays all year. That really hurt us when he went down, but LB Kyle Mangan is a great player and we expected him to do the same as Michael. Again, knowing that Michael went down affected us a little bit, but we didn’t let it affect the way we played our game.”

On lack of defensive execution…
“LSU didn’t really do anything we didn’t expect, but it was our mental mistakes that hurt us the whole game. That’s what the whole game came down to.”

On Texas A&M’s rush defense…
“I don’t think that was much of a problem, but today we were just not stuffing our gaps. That goes all around the defense and the plays we should have made, we didn’t. The whole team didn’t do their jobs and that’s what hurt us.”