Saturday, January 8th, 2011

LSU Post-Game Quotes

On LSU’s quarterbacks
“I’m proud of both those quarterbacks. Jarrett Lee obviously had some issues as a freshman. Jordan (Jefferson) played really early coming out of a redshirt year; played in the last two games. He’s a junior but really he should be a sophomore. I can see they have good work ethic. They are working hard on getting better and sometimes it’s hard to not listen to the negative media. They’ve learned and matured in that area.”

On the success of the offense now and what lies ahead for next season
“One thing about it is as the quarterbacks get older and start playing well, it gives us the opportunity to use run and pass, that opens up things in the run game. And the run game opens things up in the pass game. I can see that in the maturity of our quarterback help and in our line.”

On the success of the running game in the game
“I think we just continued doing what we are doing all year and that was run the football. We’re a physical team with a big offensive line. We’ve had our ups and downs this year with the passing game and stuff like that but it came alive tonight. You can’t ask for any bigger of a night with Terrence Toliver and Jordan Jefferson. We had an awesome game plan..”

On playing in the game after having his eligibility restored
“My goal was to go out there and show the fans what they thought they were going to miss out on. To have the NCAA issue come up was something that I hated but I had to deal with. I just used it for extra motivation. You really don’t realize how important things are until you loose it. For me to have to go through the two-week process thinking I wasn’t going to play in this game was very hard for me. It was bottled-up motivation for me that I had to just come out there and explode.”

On making adjustments on defense after LSU got down early
“It wasn’t more so adjustments. I think it was more so guys just settling down and getting our composure. They opened up with the big run, had a lot of momentum and their fans were going crazy. Guys kind of got caught up in that so I tried, as one of the leaders on defense on the team, to get the guys composed to say ‘hey, we’ve been practicing on this stuff for over a month and a half, let’s go out and execute the game plan set for us.’”

On head coach Les Miles
“Coach Miles is a great coach. He’s not only a great coach but he’s a great guy on and off the field. He was a key part of me coming back to get my degree, to play another great senior year and just do the things I signed with LSU to do. When he came into my home, he told me he wanted me to get my degree and have a great career at LSU. He’s a man of his word. He did everything in his power to make that happen for me.”

On the success in this game
“This team is so courageous. This team just wanted to win. Being embarrassed the last game, if we had won that we would have been in a BCS game. We took that to heart. This defense got embarrassed and the offense couldn’t more the ball down the field. We came out with a vengeance and that’s how we ended up victorious today putting up 41 points.”

On responding after getting down early
“After the first 10 points, we started to tell each other to settle down and get back out there and get into the groove. I think that’s what we did. We played pretty tough throughout this game. It was a great battle. I would like to go out there and play 15 minutes more. It was a great win for this LSU program.”

On kicking the field goal to ice the game
“After the first miss I was pretty upset. I was pretty determined to make the next two kicks. The last one to seal the game felt pretty good. The snap and the hold were good, and I kicked it through.”

On how LSU’s special team helped win the game
“I think our special teams are a plus for us. On that first kick they took it back 70 yards and that’s unacceptable for us. After that our special teams were solid the rest of the night and that’s what locked up the game for us.”

On the running game tonight
“We got great effort out of our offensive line tonight. I got the creases I needed to get through, and the full back did a great job of clearing the way.”

On LSU’s edge in time of possession tonight
“We just played LSU football tonight. We like to run the ball downhill. We kept pounding it and we wore them out.”

On playing at Cowboys Stadium
“The atmosphere was amazing. The LSU fans were terrific. It was neat playing in a stadium like this.”

On what defensive adjustments were made after falling behind 10-0
“We had some adversity at the beginning, but we stayed together as a unit. We picked up our focus. We improved our technique. They came out very fast and that was new to us. Coach Brick made the right corrections after we came out a little sluggish.”

On the defensive game plan
“We wanted to stop the run first and let our cover guys do their thing.”