Saturday, January 1st, 2005

TEXAS A&M POST-GAME QUOTES - Defensive Coordinator Carl Torbush

Texas A&M Defensive Coordinator Carl Torbush

On Tennessee: “I’ve been around Tennessee long enough. I knew what they were going to play with. They are a very talented football team, and in my opinion we’re not where they are yet. I think we’re heading in that direction. Coach Fulmer and his staff have done a great job year after year. That’s why they have a chance to compete for an SEC championship and national championship every year.”

On the play of Texas A&M: “By no means did we play anywhere near where we can play. I thought it showed our players what we got to do to get better to give us a chance to compete against this type of football team.”

On Tennessee’s game plan: “They kept us off balance a little bit early. They did some things that we probably didn’t anticipate. They took the two-back, tight end set and spread them out all over the field. I thought us being offsides on the third down at the beginning of the game was important. We had them stopped and they were going to punt and we gave them the first down and they hit the touchdown pass on the next play after we missed two tackles.”

On A&M’s tackling in the game: “I don’t think we tackled very well. I thought early we were fairly physical but as the game went along I thought they were the more physical football team. When you don’t tackle as well as you need to and then have five turnovers on top of that, you’re not going to win many football games.”

--69th SBC Cotton Bowl Classic--