Saturday, January 1st, 2005


Defensive Coordinator John Chavis

On the game: “We expected to play well. Sometimes I think you get into some passive positions when you don’t. We really put some emphasis on that. We did and the players did and we expected to play well. I’m really proud of what they got done.”

On Tennessee DB Roshaun Fellows: “One of the biggest keys was getting Roshaun Fellows healthy. Our defense played well throughout the year but getting Roshaun healthy made a big, big difference and a big impact today.”

On the five turnovers: “We talked about it last night. Texas A&M had done a great job of taking care of the football all year. Coach Fran(chione) even mentioned it at the Big Play Luncheon that they only had eight turnovers. Our guys were bound and determined to get four. That’s what our goal was to go in this game and get four turnovers and we got five. I’m really happy with that. That was the mentality to go out and try make that happen.”

On the Vols offense today: “A lot of our success on defense you have to give our offense some credit because they kept the ball. I think on our offense we had one three-and-out. When you get time to rest and time to regroup, it’s a lot easier to play defense. When you have to play after three-and-outs, it’s not quite as easy. Our offense did a tremendous job. We wanted to get the shutout but holding them to seven points is a great feat for us. And again, you have to give our offense a lot of credit because they kept the ball.”

FS Jason Allen

On Tennessee DB Roshaun Fellows: “Roshaun has the potential to be one of the elite cornerback in the country. He’s just got to continue working hard, continue developing his skills. He definitely has the ability to be one of the elite corners in the country.”

On this game being one of Tennessee’s most complete games this year: “We knew it was going to happen. We wish it could have happened in our last game. But it happened today and it’s something to build on for next year. We have a lot of people coming back. We’re a young team. We’re looking forward to going into next season.”

QB Rick Clausen

On the season: “I’m just really happy the way things turned out, not only for myself but for the team. We got 10 wins and we got to come to Dallas. This is the first time we played together as an entire team. This is just going to jump start us for next year.”

On catching Texas A&M off guard with its passing attack in this game: “They knew we would try to come out and run the football but I don’t think they thought I would be able to get the ball to the receivers as well as I did early on. I’ve got to give a lot of credit to the receivers. They ran great routes. They made plays. They made people miss and they got yards. The running backs got yards; they got out in the routes. Our offensive line all year long has been so tremendous. I don’t think I got sacked today.”

LB Kevin Burnett

On what he expects from Tennessee next year: “I told them ‘Do not be satisfied’; think national championship every year. Don’t ever be satisfied with anything less than a national championship.”

On comparing this win to Tennessee’s win over Michigan in the 2002 Florida Citrus Bowl: “It’s close but I think I like this one because it’s more recent.”

On Tennessee’s team speed on defense: “We could see their players pulling. By the time they turned up, we were already in the backfield. I think our speed did play a factor but the biggest part was preparation.”