Thursday, December 26th, 2002

Texas Media Day


Did all of the student-athletes arrive on time?

“Yes they did, Chris Simms sat on the runway in New York for two and half hours, which we were really concerned about him. We were concerned about some of the west-Texas kids but I think the snow was up more near Amarillo and it didn’t get down to Lubbock as much so all of our guys were able to get in. A couple of guys were a little bit late but everyone made our 10 o’clock meeting last night.”

What do you plan on accomplishing in the next couple of days of practice?

“This week will be like a week after an open date for us. We had the hard practices last week. We just got started today; tomorrow will be like Monday of game week. We’ll have a physical practice tomorrow in the stadium.”

Is the team ready for tonight’s party at the West End?

“They really are. A lot of our guys know the LSU guys. A lot of them were recruited together and our coaches know the assistant coaches at LSU. I think it will be a lot of fun for all of them to get together.”

What do you look for in the first practice leading up to the game?

“You want to make sure that the guys stayed in shape. In four days at home those big guys can gain a lot of weight so we weighed all the guys before they left and weighed them when they returned and everyone was at the same weight or better.

“During practice the guys ran really well. Today, we needed to get them back in pads. We needed to get them to sweat some. I thought they came back with the attitude to do that. They’ve got great respect for LSU. They know that LSU was the Southeastern Conference champion last year. They know their team is better than its record, because of some injuries at different positions at mid-season. They also want to win 11 gamesÉthat’s special to them. They’ve watched film on LSU and know their defense is really good and they can run the ball really well.”


How do you stay sharp during the time between your last game and the upcoming bowl game?

“By waking up at 6:30 every morning; that’s how I stay focused. You’ve got to get out there and get your blood flowing and guys were really into it today. We were running around screaming, having fun and knocking each other around a bit just to get the staying at home feeling out of the way. We just got out there and moved around and had some fun playing today.

What are your impressions of the LSU offense?

“LSU is a great team. They can do a lot of things. They’ve got great backs in the backfield. If the offensive line can get in the right spots then their quarterback can run. He can beat you with his legs as well as his arm. We’ll have a definite battle come January 1.

Do you see some similarities with Kansas State?

“There are many similarities. They line up in many of the same formations that K-State did against us. We believe we’ll be ready for them. We just have to line up and execute the call and see what happens.”


How was practice today?

“Practice was good. We’re getting used to the weather out here. Everybody came out enthusiastic. I think we’re going to be ready to play.

What will you have to do to play well against LSU?

“From what we’ve seen they like to play a little bit of man-to-man and press man-to-man. As long as we can beat their press we’ll be alright.”

How does it feel to have everyone healthy for this final game of the year?

“We’re getting a chance to see what we could have done now that we’re injury free. We just want to go out there so we can still play football at Texas and hope we can come out with a victory.”


How does it feel to have everyone healthy for this final game of the year?

“It’s great. Everybody’s fresh and everyone’s excited. During the year you go through that strenuous stretch of Big 12 conference games and it wears and tears on you. We got our rest and we’re going to be ready to play come Wednesday.

On playing well in the city of Dallas:

“You’re so close to home (Texarkana) you want to give a good showing. We love playing here and we want a chance to show our fans what we can do.”


Does this game with LSU have any special meaning since it’s your final performance as a Texas Longhorn?

“My best friends are on this team. To know that I only have about five more days with them is tough. I’m used to being with them everyday. When we’re not playing football they’re over at my apartment hanging out. It’s going to be tough and I’m going to miss them a whole lot. I’m really motivated because I want to go out in the SBC Cotton Bowl a winner. I haven’t had the best games in the Cotton Bowl.”

What are your thoughts about the LSU defense?

They’re a good defense. We have to make sure that we take care of the ball and make plays when they present themselves.”


Your thoughts on facing LSU:

“They’re big and they’re physical. They are going to play hard. The Big 12 is a physical conference, so this is nothing new to us. I think both teams are going to go out there and give it all they’ve got.