Saturday, January 7th, 2012


On if there was any blame to be had for the loss “I really don’t think that blame or reasons can be placed in one specific area. We were in a lot of positions to succeed and we didn’t get it done. That’s not on the coaches, that’s on us as players. Again we just couldn’t get it done.”

On drops from the offense “Again though, it’s on both of us. A couple of them were a little low and they would have been tough catches but again we’re all in this together. When we succeed, we succeed together and when we fail we fail together.”

On deciding to go for it on Fourth down and changing the call “Obviously, we’ve got a great field goal kicker. I think we were down ten at that point, we could make it a one-score game, and figuring, take points when we could get them. Again hindsight is 20/20. If we make it and we’re within one score and get a stop and score we’re not second guessing that decision. Again, just another example of us just not executing and doing what we need to do.”


“Yeah we turned the ball over early. We dropped passes, I can’t remember us dropping four passes this season and we dropped four in the first half. Lots of mental things we didn’t do that we normally take care of, working on special teams which is usually the strong point for us and it all went down on us at the end.”

On if the team was focused
“I feel like we were, we just didn’t execute when it was time to put it all together on the live stage. I don’t think we were ready tonight. We just got started slow and you can’t get started slow in games and we’ve done that a lot this year.”


On his blocked extra point: “We call it ‘one left.’ That’s my favorite one to go. I had a good push from my teammates on the guard and I got around him and got my hands up.”

On how bright Kansas State future is: “Very bright. They have a lot of good guys coming back. They’ve got Collin (Klein) who’s a great leader, and he’s the one to get things together, and B.J. Finney – a center and quarterback are coming back. And they have a lot of good talent on defense that they’re bringing back.”